How to join REST Personal

Freedom to Choose

The freedom to choose your own super fund is critical to financial freedom in retirement. There are no lock in factors to your existing superfund. You can decide to move based on performance, fees, brand, advice, or any other factor.

To ensure you provide a super choice form for REST Super, that your employer can action. Ensure you are using a compliant form.

REST Personal Compliance

If you're looking to choose REST Super on your choice form. Ensure you provide the correct compliance letter for REST Super.

The information provided here is generic in nature, and shouldn't relied upon as advice. You will need to speak to a professional to determine if you have met your obligations for compliance requirements.

Member Number

Unless you are in a MySuper Fund, adding your member number is a critical step. Without a member number contributions are likely to be rejected. A rejected contribution will result in your employer defaulting you into a MySuper product, often unrelated to your choice. Stapling is the other route they could go down, but either way your choice is unlikely to be honoured. Ensure you look up your member number for REST Super to maximise the chance your super choice is actioned.